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Who We Are

MBZ West, Inc. was established in 1992 by owner and founder Kevin Khedesian. Kevin comes from a long line of family in the European automotive industry. His undying passion for cars is owed to his father who was a car enthusiast. Kevin began his career in the automotive industry at an early age by working side by side with his father/mentor, rebuilding engines in the garage. From there he became educated at school by taking mechanical engineering courses to truly understand the essence of how the engine, suspension, electrical, and body systems all work together. During and after his high school days, he had already reached a level of knowledge that enabled him to restore complete vehicles from ground up, therefore learning to have a very meticulous eye for detail. His dream had always been to open up his own business, and in 1992, that dream came true.

MBZ West was created and till this day, he has built a reputation not only in the Los Angeles area, but all around for his expertise with European cars. His honesty, fairness and respect to all has won him a substantial following of loyal customers. Kevin continues to keep up with the latest technologies by attending trainings and seminars. Stop by to visit and/or meet Kevin at MBZ West. MBZ West has been servicing the Los Angeles community since 1992 Thank you for visiting MBZ West, proudly serving the Los Angeles area since 1992 and where you will always find outstanding customer service.

Conveniently located near the 10 fwy on La Cienega (east side), 2 blocks south of Pico in Los Angeles, near Beverly Hills. We are committed to customer satisfaction, ensuring that they have the best experience, each and every time. Come and check us out, and get a taste of that MBZ West experience that so many are raving about.